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  • High point:6730
  • Low point:2340
  • Hiking season: mid-July - mid-Oct.
  • Total Elevation gain:10,470
  • Total Elevation lost:10,470
  • Total distance:35
  • Effective Distance:48.5
  • Hiking time: 4 days
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Profile Explained

  • (1) Turnoff for clockwise loop
  • (2) Carbon River Camp/supension bridge area
  • (3) Dick Creek Camp
  • (4) Mystic camp
  • (5) Granite Camp
  • (6) Skyscraper Pass
  • (7) Berkely Camp
  • (8) Fire Creek Camp
  • (9) Lake James Patrol cabin
  • (10) Windy Gap
  • (11) Yellowstone Cliffs
  • (12) Return to Carbon River segment of Wonderland Trail

To quote from the Park web site

"A long loop hike in the most pristine wilderness of the Park, through forests and meadows, over rivers, under a cliff of colorful rocks, near the Natural Bridge, past numerous mountain lakes, in ever-changing views of Mount Rainier and its glaciers."

Map Discription Size (kb)
Small colored elevaton map 43
Topographic map with shadeing 2,761
Shaded Basement Geologic Map

(Geologic key)

Stereo Map

To see this image you will need special glasses (which I will provide if you contact me before supplies run out)


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