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  • High point:6800
  • Low point:6320
  • Hiking season: mid-July - Sept.
  • Total Elevation gain:985
  • Total Elevation lost:680
  • Total distance:3.8
  • Effective Distance:5.2
  • Total hiking time: 4 hours
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Profile Explained
Starting at Sunrise the trail rises and then traverses to Frozen Lake. Just beyond the lake is a major trail intersection with branches to Burroughs MT, Sunrise Camp,Fremont Lookout and west along the Wonderland trail to Berkeley Park and Skyscraper. From here go straight on the Wonderland trail head west toward the Carbon River. The trail descends to a junction to Grand Park . Continuing to the left the trail counters high above Berkeley Park to Skyscraper Pass and magnificent views of the Mountain.

Map Discription Size (kb)
Small colored elevaton map 3
Topographic map with shadeing 188
Topographic map without shadeing 61
Shaded Basement Geologic Map

(Geologic key)

Air Photo 1,563
Stereo Map

To see this image you will need special glasses (which I will provide if you contact while supplies last)


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