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  • High point:6140
  • Low point:5504
  • Hiking season: mid-July - mid-Oct
  • Total Elevation gain: 998
  • Total Elevation lost:1635
  • Total distance(one way) to Lower Palisades Lakes:4.2
  • Effective Distance:6.1
  • Hiking time round trip to trails end: 5 hours
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Profile Explained
  • (1) Cliver Lake
  • (2) Dicks Lake Camp/lakes & trail to Hidden Lake
  • (3) Tails end (3.7 miles) just above Upper Pailsades Camp
If the Van Trump Park trail is known for its water falls then this trail should be known for its lakes. The first example presents itself, just after the trail drops several hundred feet from its start at Sunrise Point, at Sunrise Lake. Continuing to Cliver Lake the trail passes wildflowers such a buttercups, glacier lilies and western mountain Pasqueflowers. After Cliver Lake the tails moves up a low ridge before starting dropping down into the next basin on the way to the next camping site at the Tom, Dick and Harry Lakes area. At this point the hiker also has the option of taking a short side trail to Hidden Lake. The trail continues, often passing beautiful meadows, to the official trail end and camping site at Upper Palisades Lake. The adventurous may want to continue down to Lower Palisade Lake.

Map Discription Size (kb)
Small colored elevaton map 4
Topographic map with shadeing 255
Topographic map without shadeing 85
Shaded Basement Geologic Map

(Geologic key)

Air Photo 2,183
Stereo Map

To see this image you will need special glasses (which I will provide if you contact while supplies last)


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