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  • High point:6760
  • Low point:3000
  • Hiking season: late July - Sept.
  • Total Elevation gain: 5190
  • Total Elevation lost:5960
  • Total distance:16.5
  • Effective Distance:25.3
  • Hiking time: 2 days
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Profile Explained
Points of interest:
(1) SummerLand shelter
(2) Panhandel Gap
(3) Indian Bar shelter
(4) Nikel Creek Shelter

Starting just west of the bridge over the Frying pan Creek(3 miles from the White River Entrance) the trail first follows the Summerland trail. After Summerland the trial climbs steeply to the high point at Panhandle Gap. This part of the trail is largely though rough moraine and is often show covered. After the Gap the trial traverses barren slopes (in bad weather and/or heavy snow cover this part of the trail can be easily lost) above Ohanapecosh Park before descending to the Indian Bar shelter and camp site. From Indian Bar the trail steeply climbs up to the Cwolitz Divide. After oscillating along the divide the trail meets the Cowlitz Divide trail intersection and starts switchbacks though forest down to the Nickel Creek Camp. A short time later the trail intersects the road at Box Canyon

Since this route requires that transpiration be arranged to pick you up at Box Canyon you may want to consider the more classic route of starting and returning at Box Canyon. Not only is the lateral distance (14.5 miles) less but inexperienced hikers can get dangerously confused when the trail crosses the barren slopes around Panhandle Gap in bad weather or heavy snow cover.

Map Discription Size (kb)
Small colored elevaton map 9.3
Topographic map with shadeing 2,485
Topographic map without shadeing 910
Shaded Basement Geologic Map

(Geologic key)

Stereo Map

To see this image you will need special glasses (which I will provide if you contact while supplies last))


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