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  • High point:6800
  • Low point:4874
  • Hiking season: mid July - Sept.
  • Total Elevation gain(one way):1325
  • Total Elevation lost(one way):4730
  • Total distance(one way):10.
  • Effective Distance(one way):12.7
  • Hiking time(one way): 5 hours
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Profile Explained

  • (1) Frozen Lake
  • (2) Berkely Park
  • (3) Berkely Camp
  • (4) Lake Eleanor Camp
Starting at Sunrise the trail rises and then traverses to Frozen Lake. Just beyond the lake is a major trail intersection with branches to Burroughs Mt., Sunrise Camp,Fremont Lookout and west along the Wonderland trail to Berkeley Park and Skyscraper. From the intersection continue along the Wonderland Trail west though the meadows until you turn right at along the Northern loop Trail that drops rapidly into Berkley Park . The trail continues its decent until it climbs 300 feet to the edge of Grand Park. The Mt. Fremont lookout can be seen above.Continuing to about half way into Grand Park the hiker comes to a junction(132k) where they can either continue hiking the Northern Loop Trail or take the right branch for more flowers (particularly in early August) and outstanding views of Mt Rainier(102k) over a good part of the 3.3-mile path to Lake Eleanor(74k) and camping sites.(135k)

Grand Park is a geologic anomaly (caused by ancient flat lava flows that have remained while lesser rocks eroded away) that provides a remarkable flat tableland within the otherwise rugged topography associated with Rainier.

A short cut to Eleanor Lake is to enter from the north via a FS 73(527k). To get to the trail head turn west on FS 73 from 410 (24 miles east of Enumclaw and just past the viewpoint of Mount Rainier if you are coming from the west) continue past Huckleberry creek and around the mountain to Eleanor Creek for a total of about 10 miles of driving. At Eleanor Creek there is a pullout just across the creek and the trail is on the left. T he trail itself is an easy (only about a 500ft elevation gain) less than 2 miles to Lake Eleanor; although tree falls across the trail are not infrequent.

Map Discription Size (kb)
Small colored elevaton map 16.5
Topographic map with shadeing 1,114
Topographic map without shadeing 391
Shaded Basement Geologic Map

(Geologic key)

Stereo Map

Stereo Map

To see this image you will need special glasses (which I will provide if you contact while supplies last)


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